“Turk is a skilled & passionate speaker. He communicates through the captivating energy he radiates to his audience.” – Nick Breau

The Breakthrough Specialist & Author

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I am Turk Akbay.  A seeker, author, inspirational speaker, consultant, and most of all, an uplifter.

I immigrated to the United States on my own as a teenager in search
of living the American dream.
I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to my personal
development and in turn to helping others reach their full potential by
self-actualizing their own greatness.

I have a natural gift of viewing and experiencing life, and as a
speaker, I express life in ways that bring my audience into new
perspectives. I am easily able to convey high-level thinking in a light and humorous way.

As a speaker, I view my talks as co-creative experiences with my
audience. I challenge their beliefs by exploring new thought ideas,
allowing the audience to discover for themselves their own truth.
My audiences are left with a new awareness and appreciation for life, and are inspired to reach for more of the life they desire.

I am  a decorated U.S. Air Force Veteran
I am the creator of Subliminal Coaching.
I am also the Founder and co-founder of multiple companies.
My TEDx talk titled “Are you ‘Being’ an American?” can be found here.