Your limiting beliefs are not really yours

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Turk Akbay: TEDx talk: Are you BEing an American?

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Turk Akbay on Ideas & Impact Podcast by Jeremy Jones

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I had the privilege to be a guest on Ideas & Impact Podcast.

Below is the episode. If you haven’t bought my best selling book yet, just click on the image below.

Turn your positivity into a habit

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Most people when asked claim to be a positive person.

But being a positive person is actually more than your ability to put a positive spin on negative situations. Much more.

When you turn your positive mental attitude into a habit, then you don’t have to effort to be positive, you just are. When that happens, what you notice is what used to be negative things you had to put a positive spin on just disappear from your experience.

Don’t take my word for it.

Put it to test in your life.

Most efficient way to replace unwanted beliefs with empowering ones.

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Everyone has an infinite number of beliefs about an infinite number of subjects.

Some beliefs are empowering and serving, and others are self-limiting and disempowering.

Replacing those long time self-limiting beliefs can be quite challenging. This is especially true if you have been believing in them for a while.

On this video, I share the most efficient and the easiest way for you to replace self-limiting beliefs with self-empowering ones.

How to put your success on auto-pilot

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Calibration & Momentum explained

Law Of Attraction Jul 30, 2020

In the Law of attraction world, “Calibration” is short-hand for your focus. Whatever you focus on is where your vibration is. While you’re talking about the abundance you may be focusing on lack, and that means you are calibrating to the energy of lack even if your words are telling an abundant sounding story.

The ultimate goal is to experience life calibrated to our source (insert your religious handle) while we experience it.

Another word you are likely to hear in my circle is “Momentum.”

That is in layman’s term for the attraction power of the influencer. Like an avalanche starting as a small patch of snow, but as it moves down the face of the mountain gathers more power and momentum

This video demonstrates both of those concepts superbly.

A guy, who absolutely doesn’t care about anything other than the joy he is experiencing. – (Note Not caring about others’ reactions to his actions)

Stays there long enough. (See the video)

So What Neo?

Whenever you are thinking about your desires and goals be like this guy.

Focus on the subject with joy and stay there long enough.

A lot of people will show up to play with you.

Top 10 Benefits of Journaling

Blog PostJournaling Jul 21, 2020

Here is a Top 10 list of benefits of Journaling

1. You can let your ideas and feelings flow freely, and follow them wherever they lead you. There is no editingrevising, or structure to journaling. Tell our inner critic to chill, and get to the heart of what you are thinking and feeling.

2. Write about what you need to know.
You will gain surprising and valuable insights into yourSelf when you journal about things you need to know. Not to mention, more gains if/when you revisit past writings.

3. Discover a broader and more accurate perspective on yourself and your journey.
It is easy to be unaware of how long you have been grappling with a particular issue or challenge. Rereading your past journals will give you a time perspective and allow you to see recurring themes.

4. There are many different ways to journal.
Experiment with journaling longhand on beautiful paper, on a keyboard, at different times of the day, in different locations, and for varying lengths of time. Many people find that doing “morning pages” upon first rising, and “evening reflections” at the end of the day is very effective and yield very different results.

5. Journaling is a safe way to express negative feelings and half-formed thoughts until you are ready to communicate them to others in a healthy and constructive way.

6. Journals can be burned.
If you are uncomfortable committing your innermost thoughts to paper, journal and burn them. Although you will not get the longitudinal benefits of rereading past writings, the journaling process itself is still extremely valuable, and the ritual of burning the pages can be very freeing and releasing.

7. You get to decide who you want to be, and you can change your mind at any time.
Until you can grant yourself this personal freedom in real life, use journaling to try on different ways of being and expressing yourself. Write as though you are already the fearless, limitless being you aspire to be. Remember, journaling is risk-free and private. No one but you is affected by what you write. Your journal will not resist change or pressure you to be who it thinks you ought to be!

8. Journaling can enrich the coaching process.
Sending selected journaling to your coach between coaching calls helps both of you prepare for the next call, and gives your coach additional insights into your visions and dreams, as well as your obstacles and blocks. Your coach can also provide you with powerful questions to get you started.

9. Regular journaling can make the rest of your day better.
Ritualized practices, like journaling every morning or evening, bring a rhythm to your life and become a time for calming, centering, and reflection. Taking this time to go inward and be with yourself enhances your ability to be with others in a positive and intentional way.

10. Intentional journaling can be a gift to others.
While most journaling is private, another form of journaling is done for an intended audience. Keep a notebook or tape recorder handy and record the thoughts you want to share with your children or grandchildren — stories of the funny and touching things they say and do while they are still fresh in your mind, important family stories you want to share, and even those of your personal thoughts and feelings that will be meaningful to them later in their lives.

This piece was originally submitted by Peggy Neill, BS Ed, MLA, CTP

Why too many white Americans continually deny racism exists

BlacklivesmatterBlmRacism Jun 15, 2020

I have been thinking about this for a while.
I have seen the same thing happen in my former home Turkey with their Armenian and Kurdish citizens.

I believe the reason for the divide in our nation over the protests and Black Lives Matter movement is NOT because there are that many racist people living in America,  But because of the SHAME OF SLAVERY in the consciousness of white Americans.

I think the reason South Africa was able to heal after the apartheid and  Madiba’s release after 20+ years jail,  or Rwanda was able to heal after the genocide, or Serbs, Croats & Muslims were able to move on.  is the practice of Truth & Reconciliation Councils.

When you hear from the people who openly talked about the atrocities they caused and ask for forgiveness, Both the victims and perpetrators say load they were carrying was let go, and they were able to move forward.

I don’t think America has ever properly acknowledged capturing and enslaving blacks, nor apologized to black people for slavery.  I believe the heavy burden of not acknowledging this atrocity weighs heavy in their soul.

So what Neo?  What do we do now?
1)  White people publicly share the systematic racism they witnessed

2)  Acknowledge the benefits they enjoyed for their whiteness is a good start

3) Listen and acknowledge the real experience of black Americans without getting defensive.

Based on the people I met and talked about racism in America with, I can say they don’t want vengeance, they just want to be treated as equals.

Another step closer to publishing date.

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I just got the final cover design for my upcoming book The #1 Habit.

I am beyond excited to say the least.  As is often the case the last bit of time it seems to take the longest.