Hi, I’m Turk Akbay

an uplifter who is a catalyst for greatness.

I have been a spiritual seeker since early childhood

– I was a sick child. I wanted to die instead of being in hospitals all the time. Which lead me to seek answers to questions about life, death, god, purpose and what does it all mean.


I have been an entrepreneur since age 8

– I grew up hearing “We can’t afford it,” “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” You can’t have that.” Which lead me to understand in order to get the things I wanted I must learn how to solve problems and/or create value for others.


I spent the last 30 years studying, practicing, and seeking mastery on 3 verticals

* Self Mastery *,*Dogs*, and *The Law of Attraction*

Now I am in the second half of my life, I began sharing what I learned on my path.

I am an Inspirational Speaker, Best selling author, and a kick-ass coach/mentor.

But most of all I am an uplifter.

Watch my TEDx Talk here.

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The #1 Habit

If there were ever a time for you to take charge of your life, it is now. We know that the world we live in can and will change rapidly without any warning, and when it comes down to it, we are each responsible for our own destiny.

In this book, you will learn how to identify and replace self-limiting beliefs and to create new habits that stick. You will learn the true secret to guaranteed success through practicing the number one habit.

This book guides you through the process of becoming who you truly are so that you can create and live the life you desire.

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Corporate Zoom Workshops

Customized for your team

Are you trying to increase your team's results?

Is your corporate culture having lack of pride "issues" ?

Want to make your life easier and reach your goals?

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Subliminal Coaching

So unique I patented it!

Subliminal Coaching is the cutting edge tool to reach any of your goals.

An easy to follow custom plan for you to replace your self sabotaging part with an empowering one.

Using your own voice to reprogram yours own subconscious is now possible.

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Leadership Mentoring

Leaders are not born.

Being a leader is much more than managing.

The more you can think like the best leaders think, the more you can perform like the best leaders perform.

Whether you are a leader in an organization or an entrepreneur who wants to lead an industry, having the correct mentor can make the difference.


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